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meet my boyfriend. I first saw him 4 years ago playing volleyball against my highschool. Our schools have always been rivals ever since the dinosaurs were extinct. Basically for a LONG time. I use to have a minor crush but never thought of ever being with him or even get noticed by him. 4 years later? we finally met in college and sparks began to fly. I guess you can say our story of how we met is a fairytale that is soon to end in the words “happily ever after” but as of right now? I’m just happy to finally be his girlfriend <3 

updates on my life

It has been awhile since I blogged on tumblr. I wanted to reflect on my life and just let all my feelings out. So here it goes…


After graduating High school summer has been fun! Hang out with friends, spend time with the family(although I must admit I haven’t done much of it this summer yet) and spending time with my boyfriend (: Every place that I have gone to this summer has been a BLAASSTT! going to the zoo with my boo (: <3, going to the beach, play LOTSA VOLLEYBALL. I got a job! finally but work hours haven’t been so great. ):


I can’t stress out enough how much time I have put on myself to train for volleyball. My goal is to be on the Humber Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team. It’ll be a challenge since they have a tough reputation to follow. They have been OCAA Champions 4 years running! That’s INSANE! Anyways, I was very inactive during the month of July so I basically have to push myself this August to train all I can for a chance like this. I sworn to myself that everyday I won’t sit at home like a couch potato and do something active. Its tough. During this summer I kept questioning myself whether or not I should still try out for the team. Thinking about how big those girls are but really it was my fear and laziness talking. So my mind is on the prize and that prize is a spot on the team. I play volleyball as much as I can BUT in a competitive level to keep my game up. I play for this filipino volleyball league and the women’s side is weak. The way they play is like middle school kinda thing and I really don’t want to play like that at all. I don’t really know what to do with that. 

Other than those things my summer is alright. Peace out! 


you can never please everyone. you can try but you already know that you just can’t please everyone. no matter how hard you try there will be feelings left hurt. my feelings are hurt. why? ill tell you why but first you try to figure it out on your own. 

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